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Saturday 30 March 2019
Canada Drugs
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Table of Contents

I. So, what is Canada Drug Warehouse?

a. Certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association

b. Located in Canada

II. What medications can I buy at Canada Drug Warehouse?

III. Frequently Asked Questions

a. Is buying medication online safe and legal?

b. Are all your drugs from Canada?

c. Why are your medications so cheap?

IV. How to Stay Safe Buying Canada Drugs Online

V. Have further questions?

Unfortunately, medication can be very expensive in the United States. [1]

Meanwhile, the same drugs can be significantly cheaper in Canada and other countries. This is why many American patients end up buying their medications from international pharmacy websites online.

But who runs these pharmacy websites? And are they safe?

We here at Canada Drug Warehouse understand that buying medication online can feel risky. But as a Canada Drug Pharmacy service, we value our patients’ health, safety, and peace of mind. So we aim to help you learn more about buying prescription drugs safely on the Internet.

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If you’re new here, this article will serve as an introduction to buying affordable medication online in general.

So, what is Canada Drug Warehouse?

Canada Drug Warehouse is a pharmacy referall servicelocated in Canada. Our mission is to connect customers to licensed pharmacies in countries like Canada so they can save money on prescription costs.

Certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA)

Canada Drug Warehouse is a proud member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), an organization that helps to ensure all its members are at the forefront of providing the best possible care and service to its customers. Being a member of CIPA means that we:

  • Require valid prescriptions for each order
  • Keep detailed medical profiles to help patients avoid adverse drug interactions
  • Do not sell narcotics or controlled substances
  • Connect patients to licensed pharmacies or fulfillment centers only
  • Do not sell more than a three-month personal supply of medication
  • Provide the opportunity to consult with a licensed pharmacist where appropriate[2]

Located in Canada

Canada Drug Warehouse is located in Richmond, Canada, a city just an hour north of the Washington-British Columbia border. All our support staff work in-house; we do not outsource our customer support overseas. This means, when you give us a call, you can rest assured that you are speaking directly to us in beautiful British Columbia.


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What medications can I buy at Canada Drug Warehouse?

You can buy both prescription and non-prescription medication at Canada Drug Warehouse. Some of our most popular drugs include (but are not limited to!) the following categories:

  • Medications for cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol-lowering drugs like Lipitor and Eliquis
  • Drugs to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma medication, and inhaler devices like Advair and Symbicort.
  • Medicines for sexual health, including Viagra and Cialis (prescription required)

While we do not offer insulin at this time — it requires very specific shipping requirements — we do offer other diabetic medications like Januvia and Metformin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying medication online safe and legal?

While you should always consult with a lawyer for legal advice, we recommend that you read the FDA’s position on buying drugs online. [3] In general, the FDA does not prosecute people for importing medication for personal use into the USA. Millions of Americans import medications every year from safe and affordable online pharmacies.

At the end of the day, safety is paramount and something we take very seriously at Canada Drug Warehouse and is the reason why we have a 100% safety record.

Are all your drugs from Canada?

No, Canada Drug Warehouse works with licensed pharmacies and fulfillment centers around the world. The regulatory bodies of the pharmacies’ jurisdictions license the pharmacies us work with. This means your drug’s packaging may look slightly different from what you’re used to but its coming from a pharmacy that is appropriately licensed.

If you prefer your drug to be shipped from a specific location (i.e., an English-speaking nation like Canada), you can request this. As long as there is a supply, we will honor your request.

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Why are your products so cheap?

In Canada and elsewhere, government entities negotiate pricing with pharmaceutical companies. This ensures that our medication remains relatively affordable for most residents. The United States does not currently have a similar system.

Have further questions?

No worries! Just pick up the phone and give us a call. One of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to answer your questions. We also have plenty of other guides available.

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