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How to Stay Safe When Buying Canada Drugs

Tuesday 30 July 2019
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Table of Contents

I. There are many benefits to buying Canada drugs online.

II. Is it legal?

a. Generally, the FDA does not condone it.

b. But under specific conditions, it can be legal.

III. How safe is it?

a. Rogue online pharmacies are a thing.

b. In some cases, there can be potential drug supply problems.

c. Luckily, legitimate online pharmacy services do exist.

IV. What can you do to make sure your purchases are safe?

a. Consider our guide to buying Canada drugs online.

b. Follow the FDA’s tips.

c. Apply these additional protective measures.

Having difficulty getting the medication you need? You’re not alone. Many Americans are unable to afford their medication. In fact, according to The Commonwealth Fund, at least 33% of Americans could not afford medical care like prescribed medication.[1]

But at Canada Drug Warehouse, we hate to see patients like you go without the care you deserve. So we invite you to consider buying Canada drugs online.

There are many benefits to buying Canadian drugs online.

You might be wondering what good buying Canada Drugs would do you. After all, they’re outside the United States. Wouldn’t they be harder to get?

Think again! Online Canada drugs are much more accessible than medication in America. All you need to do is find a certified online pharmacy service. You can do this with your phone or laptop so long as either is connected to the Internet.

With that access, you’ll be able to find drugs you need from Canada anywhere. (But not all online drugs come from Canada, so check first with your chosen pharmacy service!)

Such access is just one of several benefits to buying Canada drugs online!

You can also enjoy the ability to:

  • Compare prices easily
  • Talk to a pharmacist
  • Get a wide variety of medication
  • Enjoy easy usability
  • Shop with privacy
  • Pay low, competitive prices

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Is it legal?

So, buying Canada drugs online has its benefits. But is it actually legal?

Generally, the FDA does not condone it.

If you’re a little worried about buying any sort of drugs online, it’s understandable. It can be a bit scary to buy something that’s so critical to your health from a website. And it doesn’t help that the FDA is mostly against it too. [2]


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But why is that?

Well, it seems to be mainly due to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. This legislation bans shipping unapproved drugs across multiple states. So buying drugs from other countries that haven’t been approved by the FDA for any use is generally illegal.

What about drugs that have been approved elsewhere?

Even if an institution like Health Canada has approved certain drugs that the FDA hasn’t yet, it still isn’t legal to import them. They need to be assessed by the FDA first.

But under specific conditions, it can be legal.

Does that mean you can never buy Canada drugs online? Actually, no!

Despite the FDA’s general disapproval of buying drugs from other countries, the institution isn’t unsympathetic. It recognizes that there are situations where buying drugs from other countries may be necessary.

These situations include, as quoted by the FDA:[3]

  • The drug is for use for a serious condition for which effective treatment is not available in the United States;
  • There is no commercialization or promotion of the drug to U.S. residents;
  • The drug is considered not to represent an unreasonable risk;
  • The individual importing the drug verifies in writing that it is for his or her own use, and provides contact information for the doctor providing treatment or shows the product is for the continuation of treatment begun in a foreign country; and
  • Generally, not more than a 3-month supply of the drug is imported.

So, as you can see, you’re still legally allowed to buy Canada drugs online. You just need to be aware of what the FDA will and will not accept. As always, check with a lawyer for your particular situation. In general, however, millions of American order medications online from Canada.

In the near future, the rules surrounding Canada drugs may become even more accepting. After all, the American government is considering allowing drug importation from Canada.[4]

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How safe is it?

So, you’ve decided to buy Canada drugs online now. But how safe is it to do so? There are plenty of harmful websites out there, right?

Rogue online pharmacies are a thing.

Unfortunately, that is true.

During your search for an online pharmacy service, you may come across what’s called a “rogue online pharmacy."[5] This type of online service is one that acts illegally. Often, this can result in negative consequences. Some of these drugs may have too little or too much of the active medicinal ingredient in their products. And others may contain harmful ingredients.

In short, such a service doesn’t care about your safety. And it’s really just there to part you from your hard-earned money.

But how can you tell if you’ve found a rogue online pharmacy?

Luckily, there are ways to spot one! Just look out for ones that do the following:

  • Letting you buy drugs without a valid prescription
  • Selling controlled substances or narcotics, such as Adderall, with or without a prescription
  • Sending you unsolicited spam or offers of cheap medication
  • Avoiding displaying an address on their website
  • Is not certified by CIPA

In some cases, there can be potential drug supply problems.

For those who do end up buying from a rogue online pharmacy, they may experience drug supply problems. Some of which can be quite dangerous.

For one, the drugs coming from a rogue online pharmacy may be expired. This does lower the price of the drugs significantly. But in some cases, expired drugs lose their effectiveness.

In other cases, a customer might receive diluted drugs. For instance, a liquid drug can be watered down without you noticing until it’s too late. That way, the rogue online pharmacy saves some money. And their customer receives much less medication than what they paid for.

A rogue online pharmacy may also try to sell a person the wrong drug entirely. It could be a cheaper substance. Or it could be a fake substance. Whichever one it is, it spells trouble for the customer. They end up paying out of their pocket only to find the drug they bought is useless.

Even if the customer does receive the right drug, it might not have been stored properly during shipment. Some drugs need to stay at a specific temperature. And when that doesn’t happen, they can lose effectiveness or become dangerous.

Luckily, legitimate online pharmacy services do exist.

The safest way to avoid rogue online pharmacy services and their problems is to find a legitimate service. Sound like finding a unicorn? Surprisingly, it really isn’t.

Not all pharmacy services are out to fleece you. You just need to know which ones won’t.

Legitimate online pharmacy services typically have the following qualities:

  • Listing certification from reliable organizations like CIPA that you can verify with the organization
  • Having the ability to secure your privacy and confidentiality through data encryption[6]
  • Selling medication only when they receive a prescription
  • Offering a licensed pharmacist
  • Displaying an address (P.O. boxes are ok) and phone number on their website

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What can you do to make sure your purchases are safe?

There are other ways to make sure you steer clear of any issues when buying Canada drugs online. These include the following.

Consider our guide to buying Canada drugs online.

If you haven’t done so already, we highly recommend reading our guide to buying Canada drugs online. You’ll not only learn about our particular online pharmacy service. You’ll also learn how you can stay safe when buying from us or other certified online pharmacy services.

We even add a list of extra resources you can check out!

Follow the FDA’s tips.

If you’d like a government source, look for FDA’s tips on the topic.[7] The institution lists three ways you can stay safe and act legally while buying drugs online. And they even offer their own list of extra resources.

Apply these additional protective measures.

You can also practise the following protective measures:[8]

  • Giving personal information only when you’ve determined a service is secure
  • Using an online pharmacy service that lets you track your order
  • Keeping an eye out for any membership or subscription fees

All of which should make sure that you buy Canada drugs that are both legal and safe.

Still have some concerns? Let us know! We’d be happy to have a representative guide you through this topic.

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