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Jardiance Pricing: A Guide to Affordable Treatment

Tuesday 12 December 2023
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Table of Contents

I. Jardiance Price Without Insurance

II. Jardiance Price With Insurance

III. Jardiance From Canada

IV. Conclusion

Jardiance is a life-changing medication for many grappling with type 2 diabetes, but its monthly cost can swiftly impact your budget.

At $499.10 per month [1], the financial weight can become overwhelming for the average American. Having more budget-friendly options for Jardiance is crucial for families struggling to meet the cost of managing various prescriptions.

In this article, our goal is to provide clear insights into payment choices, helping you make savvy decisions about your healthcare finances and show you how you can save by using an online Canadian pharmacy.

Why Is Jardiance So Expensive in The U.S.?

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The high cost of many medications in the U.S. is rooted in patent protection laws. These laws grant exclusive rights to pharmaceutical companies, which allow them to maintain a monopoly in the market. [2] This limits competition, which leads to higher prices.

This situation is reflected in the high cost of Jardiance as well. Despite FDA approval in 2014, [3] Jardiance's patent remains in force until 2025, preventing the availability of a generic version in the U.S. [4] In fact, the manufacturers of Jardiance can choose to extend their patent past 2025. [4]

Fortunately, there is a silver lining for Americans seeking cost-effective alternatives. You can purchase empagliflozin, the generic version of Jardiance, through reputable online Canadian pharmacies such as Canada Drug Warehouse.

Jardiance Price Without Insurance

The out-of-pocket cost of Jardiance is staggering, quickly reaching thousands of dollars within a few months. This can be a huge financial burden for individuals who depend on this medication for their well-being.

We have included a table below comparing all your options if you pay for Jardiance out of pocket.

a chart showing the price of Jardiance without insurance

* Based on CVS #17703

Speaking strictly numbers, Jardiance is significantly more affordable in Canada compared to the U.S. The cost can be reduced even further by purchasing empagliflozin. Opting for an online Canadian pharmacy like Canada Drug Warehouse can save you thousands per year when paying out of pocket for Jardiance.

Jardiance Price With Insurance

Using Medicare to pay for Jardiance significantly reduces annual costs. However, the upfront cost during the first month requires some financial planning.

We have included a table below outlining how much you can expect to pay for Jardiance throughout different coverage periods.

a chart showing the price of Jardiance with insurance

*Based on the Wellcare Value Script (PDP) Plan (Plan ID: S4802-163-0)

The annual cost of Jardiance with Medicare is substantially lower than paying out-of-pocket. However, the high cost during the first month ($499.10) can put a dent in your monthly finances.

Jardiance From Canada

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Purchasing Jardiance or empagliflozin from a reputable online Canadian pharmacy like Canada Drug Warehouse is a reliable way of reducing costs without compromising health. The pharmaceutical sector in Canada is as well-regulated as the U.S., but the medications are available at a lower cost.

We have included a screenshot below showing the cost of a 25 mg tablet of Jardiance and empagliflozin at Canada Drug Warehouse.

a screenshot showing the price of Jardiance on Canada Drug Warehouse


The potential savings associated with an online Canadian pharmacy are significant, especially for a long-term medication like Jardiance. By understanding the factors influencing Jardiance's price and exploring alternative options, you can proactively manage the financial aspects of your treatment plan. Explore budget-friendly options for Jardiance at Canada Drug Warehouse and start effectively managing your diabetes. With accessible choices that don't break the bank, you can prioritize your well-being with confidence.

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