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Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured Completely?

Thursday 28 February 2019
Erectile Dysfunction
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Table of Contents

I. Are you suffering from ED?

II. It depends on the cause of your ED

III. But in many cases, ED medications is the first line of treatment

IV. If that's your form of treatment, however, don't expect a miracle cure

Are you suffering from ED?

If you find yourself suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED), you might be wondering how you can end the frustration fast. After all, this condition can feel very emasculating for men. No one wants to feel like they can’t give their partner a good time. [1]

But it’s good to keep in mind that many men deal with this situation, and it tends to be temporary. In those cases, just chalk it up to a bad day and look forward to a better one tomorrow. However, if you find yourself experiencing ED more and more often, you may have a more serious problem.

For those of you who feel you’re in the latter category, you probably want to know whether or not there’s a cure. Medications like Levitra, generic Viagra, or generic Cialis can help symptoms of ED, but is there a more permanent cure? And this article is here to help answer this question and more. 

It depends on the cause of your ED.

There’s no easy answer to curing ED. But the best way to determine if your ED is curable is to find out what’s causing it. Some causes of impotence are something you can easily cure, and some aren’t. Easily curable causes of ED include:

  • High blood pressure or cholesterol — You’d likely be taking medication to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol to more acceptable levels, removing entirely the cause of your ED.
  • Hormone problems — Sometimes low testosterone is the cause of ED, and when that happens, you might be able to fix it through hormone replacement.
  • Medication side effects — When you take certain medications, side effects from them could include ED. Your doctor can remove this side effect by prescribing an alternate medication.

But not all causes can be so easily cured. For instance, you may have suffered injuries or extreme anxiety that may never be fully repaired.

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But in many cases, ED medication is the first-line treatment.

Luckily, even for not-so-easily curable forms of ED, medication can be considered quite helpful. In fact, it’s often viewed by doctors as a first-line treatment. [2]

There are several ED medications out there, but you may want to consider Levitra (vardenafil hydrochloride). It will make it easier to get an erection after sexual stimulation. All you need to do is take a single dose of the medication an hour before any planned sexual intercourse. Then, you’ll have five hours of easy stimulation!

And what’s more, Levitra can be effective in men who don’t easily respond to Viagra.

If that’s your form of treatment, however, don’t expect a miracle cure.

Just keep in mind that Levitra won’t cure your ED. So don’t expect spontaneous erections. You’ll need stimulation first, but at the very least this medication will make it much easier.

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